Bring out the best in the family

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Tact is very important when talking to anyone even to your family members and siblings. We have to find the right time , the right words and the right mood of both ( you and the other party). However , it is not a  guarantee that everything will work out in our favor should we follow this piece of advice.

My best friend’s  family, although financially well-off,  has not been an ideal one. She has three siblings. Ten years after retirement  from the government service , her father – a widow, suffered stroke and is paralyzed. It is  almost six months now that he has been bedridden.  Everyone in their family feels tired and stressed out as each one takes responsibility in helping out in this situation. Most of the time , the siblings disagree with one another as regards to the management in their home, especially in the financial aspect. Blatantly arguing, yelling and whining tend not only to be ineffective but oftentimes lead to their misunderstandings  and confrontations.

She has been contemplating of getting the legal services of  Jupiter Estate Litigation in relation to the guardianship of their family assets and finances. The same idea goes to her other siblings so as to come up with a settlement without anyone  freaking out about it.

Happy families  “are not made in heaven”. They are “painstakingly made here on earth” . We have to truly work for it so as to foster complete respect, love and understanding among the members. Controlling one’s temper and being patient with one another, will also help. We have to remember to detach from material things. ” There are more to  life than material things.”

To your family my friend, I hope and pray that you will transform your home  into a pleasant and bright place again for your family. Pray together because ” the family that prays together , stays together”.

We need constant recourse to God’s blessings to hurdle the life’s trials , ups and downs, and sorrows. By so doing, we can bring out the best in our family.




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