Warm embrace

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My  extra time now is being spent by taking care of my 1 year and 10 months old grandchild, Eulo.

When my four children were younger, they were left under the care of our helpers because both my husband and I prioritized our works in the office.  So I was not been very aware of the activities of my children then. Unlike in the case of Eulo.

A young toddler experiences temper tantrums. When our children were having tantrums, we tend to scold them and even tried to shout at them. Now I realize, this is not the right response. Normally, Eulo shows tantrums. One minute, he and I are enjoying watching tv, the next – he’ s whining, screaming while tossing his bottles in the air. (It is a good thing we provided him with personalized insulated double-wall printed tumblers with drink lids which do not break easily. )

It’s really good to understand why children throw tantrums and even better if we know how to do about them. Let us always remember that the more we shout at them to stop, the wilder they would get. What will work instead? –  just sit down and be with them while they rage. If they are not flailing too much, pick them up and hold them. Chances are, they will find our warm embrace comforting and will calm down more quickly. If we walk out of the room, they might feel abandoned.

A toddler may begin to understand the words they hear at that young age but their ability to express or articulate what they feel is very limited.

I am always at the service of my children, more so of my grandchildren.


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