How To Believe…

God made the butterflies and  every child must be familiar with them. Although my grand daughter aged 3 years may not have seen a live one yet, I know that she likes butterflies so much. While I am not really an avid fan of  Tinker Bell from the … [Read more...]

It’s HARD!

Guest post by Jewel Cole Military moms don’t get enough credit! I have been in the Air Force since my kids weren’t even around and it’s harder than ever before to pick up and leave for months at a time knowing how much I’m going to miss while … [Read more...]

Happiest people

I may not be a famous musician that the whole world may know but I love music. I am a true lover of music. I just love listening to great music while dancing behind off and singing out loud. It just lifts my soul. I am  happy and satisfied with my … [Read more...]

How to spend family day

In this on-the-go country, everybody seems very busy especially on weekdays. Surely, "all work and no play makes John a dull boy". That is why our family have a deeply rooted habit that on weekend, everyone heads out to spend the day outside the home … [Read more...]