How to spend family day

In this on-the-go country, everybody seems very busy especially on weekdays. Surely, "all work and no play makes John a dull boy". That is why our family have a deeply rooted habit that on weekend, everyone heads out to spend the day outside the home … [Read more...]

On Gecko-Mania

It's past midnight and I am about to sleep but I hear the sounds of the geckos here in our room. But wait , this gives me an idea to write about these  'annoying noisy creatures' whose sounds we normally hear at night time. Long ago, I had a quick … [Read more...]

United By Uniforms

When you enter a hotel, you will likely see someone at the front desk who has a uniform. Hotel front desk uniforms make the staff look professional and like a team. You can easily tell who works in each department of the hotel if the staff wears a … [Read more...]