Personalized Bags as Gift

Charming bags are great gift ideas for kids. I attended a few birthday parties for kids recently, mainly to accompany my granddaughter because her parents have prior commitments. I noticed that most of the gifts they received are toys but there was … [Read more...]

“Lessons for Life”

This post is a look back on my thoughts that I wrote on my journal about three years ago from today. Here is goes: Today is a Sunday, my first here in this place. "It's great to have you here!"- are  words written in the pamphlet of a Church … [Read more...]

Your Time Matters

When you run an overhead crane, you are talking big equipment that has to stand up to the test of major demands. You have a schedule to keep and clients that expect you to get the job done. A disabled crane can really throw you for a loop. It means … [Read more...]